We offer many Online First Aid training Courses that are suitable for the workplace and the home, you can click on any of the tabs below to see a selection of courses available. Once you have successfully completed your online first aid training programme you will be able to print your certification.

CPD Certified Online First Aid Training Courses for the Workplace

All courses are available with course materials, which are downloadable on registration and also additional materials, which are relevant to the training programme being undertaken.

Each training course is also CPD Certified and the time credit statement can also be downloaded once training has been successfully completed.

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First Aid Kits and Equipment

Workplace First Aid Training

These Courses are ideal for the workplace environment, the Annual Refresher Training is recommended as a yearly first aid update to keep your first aid skills fresh and up to date.

The Appointed Person Course is ideal for low risk working environments, for example small offices, Driving Instructors, or anyone who would like to gain Basic First Aid Certification.

Child Care Courses

These Online Child Care First Aid Courses are ideal for people wanting to know First Aid for Children and Infants.

The Nanny and Au Pair course is ideal for people who care for children, for example home carers, but do not need to be registered with Ofsted.

The Paediatric First Aid Course is ideal for families who would like to learn first aid for Adults, Infants and Children, but this course can also be used as Part 1 of a Blended programme to meet Ofsted and Surestart requirements. Part 2 must be completed as a classroom based training course.

For People Involved in Sports

We offer different Online Sports First Aid Training programmes for people who require sports first aid certification. Please select from the courses below to be taken directly to the sports first aid course suitable for you.

Basic Courses

We offer two training programmes for Online Basic First Aid Training. Our Basic First Aid Course covers many Primary Care subjects and is ideal for people who would like to learn first aid.

The Basic First Aid Plus course covers primary and some Secondary Care subjects and is a higher level course that the basic first aid training.

Family First Aid Courses

Family First Aid Training is a must, as it will give you the confidence to deal with situations that happen within the home environment. Our Family First Aid Training Programme covers subjects relating to Primary and Secondary Care, including Adults, Infants and Children.

Our First Aid Training Course for the Over 50’s is aimed at people 50+ and this course provides basic first aid awareness training and accident prevention to adults over the age of 50.

We offer a video based training programme for online first aid training courses, which are CPD Certified.

Complete First Aid Training Online with our CPD Certified Appointed Person, Annual Refresher, Basic First Aid and Family First Aid Training Courses.