Tattooists Infection Control Course

This online infection control training course is recommended for anyone who works within the tattooing industry, for example tattooists, body piercing, ear piercing and this online course is CPD certified and is conducted using video based instruction. Once completed you will be able to print your infection control for Tattooists certification on successful completion of this online training programme.

With instructor led presentations, this course is easy to follow and once you have registered for training you will be able to download all course materials associated with this course and these can be used to follow the course structure as you progress through the online training.

Infection control training online for Tattooists, body piercing, cpd certified infection control training, click here to register and startThis course is available with 3 Hours of CPD Time Credits and also additional downloads are available, which are relevant to this online tattooing infection control training course.

The course fee for training is £24.95 and you can start training by clicking the button on the left and please see below the training content associated with this course. This course will help you stay workplace compliant with your infection control procedures.

Online CPD Certified Training.

Course Content Click Here

  1. What are Blood Borne Pathogens
  2. Legislation
  3. HIV and AIDS
  4. Hepatitis B Virus
  5. Hepatitis C Virus
  6. Skin Diseases
  7. Other Viruses
  8. Cross Contamination
  9. Reducing Risk
  1. Body Fluid Clean up Procedures
  2. Hazardous Disposal Procedures
  3. Glove Removal and Disposal
  4. Hand Hygiene
  5. Exposure Incident
  6. Safe Injection Practices
  7. Testing and Counselling
Our online infection control tattooists, body piercing course is CPD certified and this online training course is ideal for individuals and tattooing salons. This CPD certified online infection control training is ideal for anyone who works within a tattooing environment or even a needle disposal service environment.

Online CPD certified infection control training for tattooists, body and ear piercing, infection control training to help you stay workplace compliant.

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