Level 2 Food Safety Training

This Level 2 Online Food Hygiene Course and Safety in Catering Course a higher level programme than our level 1 course and it is aimed at people who are required to complete and hold up to date certification for food hygiene training preparation within the workplace. Our training is conducted using instructor led presentations and a video based training system.

CPD certified level 2 food hygiene certification, click here to register and start your online training courseThis course covers subjects which include: bacteria, poisoning, allergies, cross contamination, different types of food chopping boards and much more, once you have registered for our online food hygiene safety in catering training programme you will be able to download all course materials associated with this course, so that they can be used to follow the course structure as you progress through training.

This food hygiene course come with 5 Hours of CPD Time Credits and also additional materials are included within the course downloads, which are relevant to this Food Hygiene Awareness Course and on successful completion you will be able to print your Level 2 Food Safety Certification.

The course fee for training is £24.95 and this includes all course materials and your certification. You can register and start training by clicking the start now button on the left and please see below the training content associated with this course.

CPD Certified Food Safety in Catering Training Course.

Level 2 Food Hygiene Training Content Click Here

  1. Relevant Legislation
  2. The Environmental Health Officer
  3. HACCP
  4. Bacteria and how do they grow and affect us
  5. How we control their growth
  6. Food poisoning and its effect
  7. Symptoms of food poisoning
  8. Types of infections
  9. Chemicals and foreign objects
  10. Natural plant foods and allergies
  11. Cross contamination
  12. The danger zone
  13. Ways of preventing cross contamination
  14. Chopping board colours
  15. High risk foods
  16. Pest control
  17. Hot food display units
  18. Working at a bar
  19. Serving in a restaurant
  1. Hand washing and hand gels
  2. Protective clothing
  3. Reporting Illness
  4. First Aid Kits for food preparation
  5. How you need to act at work
  6. Principles of food preservation
  7. Date marks, damaged food and record keeping
  8. Food Preservation Methods
  9. Salting
  10. Pickling
  11. Food spoilage
  12. Heating, Refrigeration and freezing
  13. Egg precautions
  14. Dietary Requirements
  15. People at high risk
  16. Traditional methods of preservation
  17. Preventing food spoilage
  18. Warning signs

This online level 2 food hygiene, safety in catering certification is ideal for people who prepare food for the general public, which can include pubs, restaurants, schools, fast food outlets, for example burger vans, or anyone who works in serving food and is required to hold a food hygiene level 2 certification.

CPD Certified Level 2 Online Food Hygiene and Safety in Catering Training Course.

To discuss your online level 2 food safety training course requirements, please contact us through our contact us page.