COSHH Training

This online coshh training course holds a level 2 certification and will help you understand the regulations for the control of substances hazardous to health within the workplace. There are many substances and chemicals used that can cause damage, if not handled correctly and this coshh awareness programme will give you a good foundation of the rules and regulations that need to be followed when handling chemicals.

COSHH training online, click here to register and start your courseThis online course come with 3 Hours of CPD Time Credits and there are also additional downloads included, that are relevant to this Level 2 coshh awareness course.

The course fee is £24.95 and this includes all course materials and your certification. You can register and start now by clicking the start now button on the left and please see below the content associated with this course.

Once you have registered for this online coshh awareness course you will be able to download all course materials associated with the course and on completion of this programme you will be able to print your COSHH Awareness Level 2 Certification.

CPD Certified Course for the control of substances in the workplace.

This online coshh course is ideal for domestic cleaners, hairdressers, waste disposal contractors, office staff, factory workers and more. Anyone who uses chemicals within their daily working schedule, should be aware of the rules and regulations regarding the chemicals they handle.

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  1. Introduction
  2. What does COSHH mean?
  3. What is a hazardous substance
  4. COSHH risk assessing
  5. Stages of a COSHH risk assessment
  6. Reviewing COSHH assessments
  7. COSHH Regulation
  8. CHIP and GHS regulations
  9. Labeling of substances – CHIP and CLP symbols
  10. Employee and Employer Duties
  11. Liquids
  12. Gases and Vapours
  1. Lead products
  2. Asbestos
  3. Dust
  4. Explosive material
  5. Routes of entry to the body
  6. Medical conditions
  7. Monitoring health
  8. Personal Protective Equipment
  9. Reporting and Management
  10. Clean up Procedures
  11. Workplace Exposure Limits (WEL)
  12. Enforcement of COSHH
This COSHH training course is ideal for pest control workers, window cleaners, domestic cleaners, hairdressers, dustmen, people in manufacturing, office staff, or any worker to give a basic understanding of the rules and regulation that are required to be followed when dealing with chemicals within the workplace.

CPD Certified online Level 2 Health & Safety COSHH Training Course for the workplace.

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