Online Appointed Person First Aid Training

Our online appointed person first aid training course is aimed at people who are required to hold an appointed person first aid certificate for the workplace. The training for this appointed person online course programme is conducted using a video based training system, with first aid instructor led presentations.

Once you have registered for this online appointed person basic first aid course you will be able to download all course materials associated with training, so that you can follow the first aid course structure and content as you progress through training. This online first aid course is also CPD Certified and you will also be able to print your Appointed Person Certification on completion of the training.

Register and start your online cpd certified appointed person first aid training by clicking hereThis course come with 4 Hours of CPD Time Credits and also included within the downloads for this programme are additional materials relevant to this online first aid training programme.

The online course fee for training is £24.95 and this includes all course materials and your certification. You can register and start training by clicking the start now button on the left and please see below the training content associated with this online course.

See The Course Content Click Here

  1. Fears of First Aid
  2. Asking Permission to Help
  3. Scene Safety
  4. Chain of Survival
  5. ABCD’s
  6. Initial Assessment
  7. Stop Think Act
  8. Barriers
  9. Face Shields
  10. Cardiac Arrest
  11. Adult CPR
  12. Child CPR
  13. Infant CPR
  14. Hand Over
  15. Compression Only
  1. AED introduction
  2. Heart Attack
  3. Conscious Adult, Child and Infant Choking
  4. Unconscious Adult, Child and Infant Choking
  5. Types of Bleeding
  6. Serious Bleeding
  7. Plasters
  8. Other Injuries
  9. Spinal Injury
  10. Burns
  11. Epilepsy
  12. Adult Seizures
  13. Rules and Regulations

This online appointed person first aid course for the workplace course is ideal for low risk working environments for example small offices, Yoga Teachers, Pilates Instructors, or anyone who would like to gain a basic workplace first aid certificate, basic online first aid training course for the workplace or the home.

CPD Certified Appointed Person Online Training Course, suitable for lower risk working environments.

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If you would like to talk to us regarding this online training course, or any of the e-learning programmes that we offer please see our contact information on our contact us page.