Anaphylaxis Awareness Online Training Course

This online anaphylaxis awareness training course is ideal for anyone who would like to know how to treat someone who is suffering an allergic reaction. This online CPD certified training programme is ideal for schools, children’s play groups, nurseries, or anyone who would like to know how to deal with someone who is suffering an anaphylactic shock.

Anaphylaxis awareness online training, learn the signs and symptoms with our cpd certified course, click here to startThis online training course come with 3 hours of CPD time credits and included within the downloads for this online anaphylaxis training course are additional materials relevant to this training programme.

The course fee for training is £24.95 and you can start your online training by clicking the button on the left, which will take you to the simple registration page.

This anaphylaxis awareness online training course covers the use of Epi-Pens, Emerade and Jext as well as the recognition of signs, treatment, concerns and activating the emergency services as well as care for the patient, until the arrival of the EMS.

Course Content Click Here

  1. Introduction
  2. What is Anaphylaxis
  3. Living with Anaphylaxis
  4. Minor allergic reactions
  5. What causes a reaction and who is affected
  6. Activating EMS
  7. What is an Auto-Injector
  8. Jext
  9. EpiPen
  10. Emerade
  11. Storage and disposal
  1. Who prescribes auto injectors
  2. Auto injectors and expiry dates
  3. Signs and symptoms of Anaphylaxis
  4. Basic First Aid advice
  5. Schools and teachers
  6. Biphasic Anaphylactic Reactions
  7. Giving a second dose
  8. Practice and keeping up to date
  9. Summary
This online anaphylaxis awareness course is ideal for teachers, play group staff, care staff and will help you understand how to deal with allergic reactions for children and adults.

CPD Certified anaphylaxis awareness training online course, learn how to use Epi-Pen, Jext and Emerade.

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